Sunday, April 19, 2015

Monday, March 23rd, 2015 Letter

I will be so sad when Elder Jones and Barrus go home or get transferred. The people you live with become your family. Even though we might not always see eye-to-eye you still love these people as much as you could imagine. So I definitely will be said to see them go!

Paintball was so much fun again!!!! We won against President's team!!! (Elder Jones and I nailed President in the stomach like 5 times!!! hahaha) Victory is ours!!!!!

Isn't it funny how things all work out? Now that doesn't mean that it is easy because if it was too easy then we wouldn't learn anything. The Lord always knows best!! I have seen that so much in my missionary work. Challenges do come but they are only there so you can learn and become something better!

This week was great!! Our investigator that wanted to be baptized is not dead but we taught him this week!! He lost his phone and he doesn't have work so he is staying at his friend's house and really has a rough life right now. We made a new date for him to be baptized and promised him that if he would be faithful and always come to church that: 1) God will take care of him, and 2) He will always have a family no matter what happens in his life!! Which is the greatest part about the true church!!

There was a wedding this Saturday and all the people from Tangerang came to it!!! I can't explain how happy that made me. It was like I came home. I love those people so much and I could just feel their love for me!! I am so glad that I was blessed with those relationships! and I know that these people will be a life long friends!!! :) I almost just went back with them to Tangerang!!!

The work is great here!! I know that this church is true!! I got to watch the long Joseph Smith video with my investigators this week and I invite anyone that sees this to go watch it again or for the first time!! Watch it for family night tomorrow and then get back to be about the feelings that come to your heart about that man's life!! Try your hardest to find things in your life that you can give to the Lord!! I say give or bring because everything that we have is the Lords and he lets us manage this life - so watch it! And know that JOSEPH SMITH IS A PROPHET OF GOD!

Things that made me smile:

1) After paint ball my beloved companion was crazy and so good at the game he got really sore so every time he walked up or down the stairs he waddled really funny!! hahahah I laughed so hard!!

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