Sunday, March 22, 2015

Monday, March 15th, 2015 Letter

I love our church!! I am so grateful for the knowledge that I have from this church!! This week we talked to a young man about the Godhead (or, according to him, the trinity) and I understood for the first time that thousands of people don't understand who God is or that they even have a Heavenly Father - that all powerful being that loves them and is helping them through their lives. Ever since I was a child and my parents taught me how to pray I've known who my Father was in heaven. To think that other people don't have that relationship makes me so sad!! They think that all of those wonderful personages are just a massive energy thing that is everywhere at once and no where at all. No wonder in the first lesson in the pamphlet the first line is, "God is our loving Heavenly Father and we our his children!" I have a loving, all powerful being watching over my life that I can speak too and that will listen and give me instruction. This is not to say that Jesus is any less because he is my Savior and he and the father really are one in purpose! And our goal as humans on this earth is to become one with them!

Oh how great is it to help people come to the knowledge of their God!

Other news! I gave Nicky the Holy Ghost at church!! He is the newest member in the Jakarta 1 ward. :) I love that ordinance because you can almost feel the Holy Ghost "being" with the person and staying there. There really is a new light in them!!

Me, myself was really sick this week. I have a really bad cold where my nose was stuffy like a turkey on Thanksgiving and my head wanted to be somewhere else. But we still worked... yeah!! Still feel sick but not too bad..

This church is true!! Don't forget that!!!!


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