Sunday, April 19, 2015

Monday, March 29th, 2015 Letter

This week was really fast!! I can not believe that it is already Monday again!! This week I did a lot of office work! What that means is that I reimburse all missionaries so they can fix their bikes if they are broken, taxi stuff, travel, give everyone their allowance, make sure that missionaries get their flights back home, and send packets to missionaries that just got their call. I mean you know how we always say that a mission is preparing you for life?... a... yeah!!!

We have a person that wants to be baptized!! He is 19 years old (like me) and he has been learning with me and Elder Jones for awhile now. He hopefully will be baptized on the 19th of April. Keep him in your prayers!

We also met up with some pretty amazing people named F---- and L----. F---- is a commercial pilot and has lived in American but now he and his wife live in Indonesia. They took us out for dinner twice now and they are just the nicest people! They told me to tell you good job on raising an amazing son!! They just can't believe everything we do as missionaries!!!

Life in Jakarta is so different!! I wish so bad that you could just spend one day here! Eating the food out of the dirty, old shack, riding the buses that might fall apart any second, walking the dark streets at nigh,t but feeling like everyone is your best friend! haha That is Jakarta!

We have been teaching a lot more Muslim people then usual! We had a man come to church yesterday and stayed for all three meetings and choir! You should know that we just met this guy on the bus and invited him to church, so afterwards we taught him the first lesson and found out that he is Muslim and that he has never prayed before. He came at first just to meet the two white people but he left church that day feeling something he has never felt before... yes!!

This church is so true!! I am so glad that I know who God is!! I had an hour conversation with a wonderful person yesterday about this subject. She was positive that Jesus is God and she was trying to prove it to me and it really made me think that there are so many people in this world that don't have a relationship with God. How can that be? If the knowledge ever does come to her that they are two separate beings I think she would have her mind blown. That is why is has to come from God himself!!

Things that made me smile:

1. I love chicken nuggets! We fry them here and you would not believe what I found at an international store - SWEET BABY RAYS BBQ SAUCE!!!! Oh yeah!!! I am living the American dream!!


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