Thursday, February 5, 2015

January 26th, 2015 Letter


Oh man, I don't think you understand the feeling of changing someone's life though your hard work. To see the spirit of someone that just really understands what just happened and loves the lord with all her little heart!! it was so tender... after she was baptized, when the bishop was speaking, she was just crying with tears of pure joy!! You better believe that I was crying right alongside her!! The spirit in that room was so strong!! Her story is such a strong testimony to me that the Lord truly knows his children and that he will help them find truth!!!

That is not saying that she didn't have trials, because she did!! She quit smoking and she had all her family tell her lies about the true church!! She has a testimony that I don't believe even the very powers of hell could break!! This is the true church!!! Don't forget that!!

There are transfers on the 3rd of February and I should know tomorrow where I will be going. I am sad to leave my beloved Tangerang but I know that there are other people that I need to teach and help!! I am ready to be sent anywhere! Just remember that Indonesia is as big as the USA, so it's like I am serving in Utah right now but could get moved to New York.

Things that made me smile:

1) BAPTISM! We go out in the rain and we had lots of flat tires. I ride my bike until I can't move, but when all that work pays off the feeling is like nothing else!!


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