Thursday, February 5, 2015

February 2nd, 2015 Letter

And I am going to....... JAKARTA!!! I am actually in the center of the city and for right now I am staying in the Aps house which is super nice, has a hot shower, and A/C!! That's really exciting!! My companion is Elder Jones! He also has a blog that you can stay up to date on. It's

This week was awesome!! We got to play paint ball on Monday for P-day and I have to say that I regret that I haven't done that sooner because I was awesome!! I destroyed everyone!! haha It was so intense!

I also got a wonderful opportunity to give the Holy Ghost to Ibe Juliana last Sunday. This was all in Indonesian so I was kinda worried, but the Holy Ghost really does give you the words when you need them, even if you are speaking a different language!

The last days in Tangerang were kinda of sad but I am really excited to get into the big city with a lot of traffic and crazy people!! I think I will actually miss my bike but I think my body will enjoy the rest!!

This is one of my families in Indonesia!

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