Friday, February 27, 2015

February 15th, 2015 Letter

Well week number two in the big city... let's just say it is an adventure for sure!! You really can only get a person's number and that kinda makes it hard to contact them again. Back in Tangerang I would, for the most part, get people's addresses and I could go over to their house when ever I wanted just to see if they were there. Here if they don't answer their phone - game over - and that happened with a kid that we taught that said he wanted to be baptized. He hasn't answered his phone so all we can do is pray and hope that the Lord will take care of him.

Cool story! So we are walking back from getting some lunch - which means that we walked over to this little hut that really is just like four pieces of wood put up with a tin roof. It's a Wartug which means just a lot of different food and you pick what you want him to put in your paper bag. :) Well I got Rendang like always because it's the best piece of seasoned meat I have probably ever had. When I was on my way back we saw a young white girl across the street. I am getting a little more used to white people because there are a couple here in the main city. We didn't really think anything about it besides the fact that all white people completely stand out like a sore thumb!

We had to stop to grab some gorengan (which is like fried things... really good!!) and we hear someone asking us a question in English! This girl said, "Are you American?" We said yes and I asked her if she was German (she said, "Yes.") After a little bit of conversation she said she was lost because she was trying to find some Hipster roads but she didn't know where those were. We were confused but we directed her to some places and gave her our name card just in case she got lost again. So..... to shorten this story, she texts us and we invite her to come to church! And she came!! Which was funny because she doesn't speak any Indonesian! She is only here for 3 months for work! The sisters translated church for her and after church we taught her the first lesson and gave her a German Book of Mormon! (Which we only had one of). It was awesome!! We will she if she keeps learning!!

I am doing great! We learned a lot of lessons this week, one being that you really can't bible bash. It never turns out for the good. You can only invite and have them use their agency to ask God and search for themselves! That's really it. That is what makes this work really hard. After all I can do, it's up to them!

Things that made me smile:

1) Prayers.. I love my companion because he has a firm belief that if you don't ask the lord for something you won't get it. Let's just say that some prayers have involved things like gorgeous wives that we marry in the temple and hoping that we won't go bald... hahah good times!

2) People that try to speak English but really can't. We were talking to a guy about his favorite movies and Elder Jones (just being funny) said, "Oh, have you seen general conference? That's one of my favorites!" And this guy said, "Yes!! I love that one it is really cool." We almost died laughing once we got off that bus!!!

I love you and have a great week!!!!!


Looking classy in the suits!

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